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Donation of Toothbrushes

More donations of goods received

As supplies in the remote villages are not always accessible or too expensive we were collecting 100 kids toothbrushes. many pencils, color pens, erasers, sharpeners and 4 full bags of kids clothes. We want to say a big THANK YOU to a German dentist and friends of Katja that donated and/ or collected all these supplies and clothes. (The pictures just show a small amount of the donations made!)

We will use most of the tooth brushes for kids in class 1 & 2 to educate them on how to properly brush their teeth. Thanks to the dentist for creating a little model for demonstration purposes. The school supplies will make their way to kids during our next evaluation visit to the villages of Falaicha and Chyangthapu in February 2017. And clothes will hopefully find their way to the West of Nepal and Memeng.

Please contact us if you would be also be able to help us out with items like toothbrushes, stationary, kids clothes or English books in the future. Even if you are coming for a visit to Nepal and you have some space left in your bag, little quantities are very welcomed.


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