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Kids receiving toothbrushes and pencils

Toothbrushes and pencils given to kids in remote communities

During a visit to the Western region of Nepal we handed out toothbrushes and pencils to kids in very poor communities in the Karnali region in Nepal. This is a part of Nepal where nature is quite harsh on peoples’ every day life as food and water are limited especially in winter time. Sanitation and education standards need lots of improvement. It seemed like that this part of Nepal is so secluded. Even for us it was difficult to get there as roads are not yet fully developed. Trucks with medication, food, building materials or other necessary items came to a stand still for 3 days, because a stream became too large for the vehicles to overcome. (A bridge is supposed to be build and roads to this region just exist for a couple of years)

During one of our visits to a small ward (village) called Murma Gaon, we were surprised how much effort the parents put in to provide their kids with education up to class 10. They are coming up with money to pay the teachers as usually only classes 1-5 was available. Due to another NGO the village built an additional school building. Attendance is managed thru penalty fees if the kids are more than 3 times unexcused for school. It was uplifting for us to talk to the locals as they want the best for their kids future and their village. We decided to donate pencils and copies for the school kids and 2 of the young fathers came with us to the town Gamgadi. If we would have known… Additionally there was a small committee of young people that are in charge of tourism. It is financed thru the Department of Tourism. They arranged a clean up campaign and wanted to start from their village down to a beautiful lake. We hope to come back with more support during future visits.

Thank you once again for all the people donating the toothbrushes and pencils!

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