Second Visit in Mai Majhuwa

New school library in Mai Majhuwa

Second Visit to Mai Majhuwa

One year almost passed and after a long time of organizing, getting approvals, collecting books, buying supplies we were excited to finally leave Kathmandu and make our way to the East of Nepal. Our first village for a follow up visit was Mai Majhuwa. Although last year’s participation during the free health checks was not enough to bring a doctor and mobile laboratory, however the interest in yoga was overwhelming. Additionally we see Mai Majhuwa being better accessible and closer to Ilam to see a doctor than other remote areas we are focusing on.

So we came back with 4 full sacks of books from story books, activity books, Math, English,… study books to establish our first school library. Students on their way to school helped us to get the books to the school and teachers to get the books organized and on the shelf. The shelf was contributed by the school upon our request – give & take as this is important for us throughout all our projects. Kids were excited to see the new addition to the school and on one of the other days we even saw a teacher reading one of the books already as it is a good new reference for the teachers as well.

And then there were the yoga classes. As last year the interest and participation was great and we were happy to donate yoga mats for community yoga. Katja, our certified yoga teacher, used her yoga therapy knowledge to give individual yoga classes for Diabetes and Hypertension including an educational part about causes, risks, prevention of both diseases. Every participant received a handout in Nepali with a short description of the asanas and breathing exercises. We hope we were able to make a small change to the health and awareness in Mai Majhuwa.

Our efforts on talking about waste were unfortunately unsuccessful. There seems to be no real understanding or common agreement among the village. Everyone is always talking about garbage bins however even if they would be there, the habit of just tossing garbage everywhere won’t stop. Individuals understand the importance of finding a communal way on waste management, however it needs all of the villagers getting together and changing their set ways. We won’t give up on this topic in any of the villages we are visiting.

Overall it was a great visit in Mai Majhuwa. The locals were very excited to welcome us back and to see the books being unloaded and to participate in yoga classes.

For the future GaauGhar NEPAL would like to bring yoga volunteers for at least one month at a time to Mai Majhuwa to create a regular habit of doing yoga in a group setting, so that the villagers could experience the positive impact on their health. Additionally we love to have kids meeting after school to learn yoga. We hope to expand the library and continue our efforts on the waste management.

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