GaauGhar NEPAL

Support for Remote Villages

Our Goals

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A local getting his blood tested

Fighting Diabetes & Hypertension

Bringing awareness about Diabetes and Hypertension, educating locals on prevention and management, establishing sufficient systems for easier access to specialists and other services and supplies.


Providing the locals with seeds, plants or beehives based on the area to give the farmers an opportunity for additional income to provide for their families.

Yoga class in Maimajhuwa

Bringing Yoga to the Villages

Establishing regular yoga practices, introducing yoga in schools, educating people with diabetes, hypertension or other diseases on how to use yoga to improve their condition.

Cleaning the school ground in Maimajhuwa

Environmental Protection

Bringing more awareness to the villagers about the importance of protecting the environment, installing  systems like waste management with locals in the village.

Kids at the school in Memeng


Educating the kids on healthy lifestyle, diseases and environmental protection. Ensuring they have the opportunity to go to school and providing any necessary supplies (e.g. books, computers) to give support for a better future.

Group Picture with Officials in Memeng


Ensuring that the villages get long-term support through the NGO, that they feel comfortable to reach out to us and that they see us as a reliable partner. We want to give help for self-help.

How can you help us?

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You could either donate money or supplies (for example diabetes test supplies, English books, kids clothes, school stationary,…)


If you have any special skills where villagers and the NGO could benefit from, please contact us.

Yoga teachers, medical experts (e.g. doctors, nurses), environmental experts,… are always needed.

Our Shop

Long-term we would like to sell craft work hand-made in Nepal to support some locals and their families.

Some Words from our Team Members

Do you want to help us?

Please check out our projects and have a look where you are able to give.

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