Bringing Yoga to the Villages

Second day yoga class in Mai Majhuwa
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On our first evaluation trip Katja, a certified yoga teacher and type 1 diabetic, started teaching yoga classes to relieve the hard-working villagers from their back pain. It was a trial, but after a little hesitation men as well as females showed up for the classes, tried their best, came back for the 2nd or 3rd class, studied their hand-outs we left them behind and showed big interest. As medication is not always available in remote villages, establishing a regular yoga practice could support the villagers to manage their existing diseases.

Goals we achieved:

  • informing about the health benefits Yoga has to offer
  • giving multiple Yoga classes
  • showing special asanas, pranayama techniques, meditation to patients with diabetes, hypertension and other common diseases & leaving hand-outs behind
  • trying to install regular group practices (to be continued)
  • collecting ideas how to install a regular practice in further wards.

We know it will take much longer than one or two trips to get it up and running, to establish a good and regular self practice and hopefully long term find a talented yoga teacher in the village. But each step counts…

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