Computers, Sport Equipment and Clothes for the Kids in Memeng

First time using a computer in Memeng
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On our first evaluation trip to Memeng we have heard that the school doesn’t have any functioning computers at the school where the older kids could practice what they learn during their “computer classes” and actually they never really had practical lessons. Long-term they need the skills and the practice, so we wanted to ensure that they have the proper equipment. And therefore we brought 3 new computer sets and monitors… There was so much excitement from picking up the computers where we stayed, getting them to the school and finally using them for the first time. Some children were actually scared to use the keyboard, but once they learned how it works they were so eager to try.

Another issue we have seen was an empty school playground and kids using an improvised hand-made soccer ball. For the boys that played soccer on the dirt road, it didn’t really matter what kind of soccer ball they had. But we knew at that point we want to come back with some small gifts for the children.


Kid in Memeng with the old soccer ball

Kid in Memeng with the old soccer ball


We are all aware how important sports are for the kids, especially knowing that they are exposed to more processed foods especially snacks (even in those villages) and very carbohydrate loaded diet (white rice, potatoes, beans).

Besides donating computers and sports equipment we also brought clothing with us. All kids from class 1 to 3 and some orphans left that day with new pants, shirts or jackets. And when you look at the smiles of the youngest ones, you can see the excitement.

Thank you for your all your donations that enabled us to buy computers and sporting goods, for the sports equipment that was donated by a German sport shop owner and for all the clothes we received from friends and family or a Kindergarden in Munich.