Donating School Bags and Books to Bharabishe PraBi School

Class 1 in a school
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The furthest ward in Memeng – Ward 1 – is about 3 hours walking distance from the main village. During our last visit in this ward we offered free health checks for about 100 villagers there. We observed that the people in this community are quite isolated. Even to get additional food like flour, salt, sugar or other ingredients that are not growing on their farms, they have to walk to the main village. There is no road for over one hour.

We also met the headmaster and teachers for the only school there. The Bharabishe PraBi School has only class 1-5. There are about 100 students. If the kids want to continue their education, they always have to walk to the next school. The buildings were in really good shape, but we saw that the kids are carrying all their books and utensils to school on their hands. We also heard that buying copies or pens is not always affordable for some parents.

Small class of students

Small class of students


Our GOAL is to:

  • provide school bags with all essentials (pencil bag, pencils, pen, eraser, sharpener, ruler, compass, exercise copies) for all students,
  • start a library.

Not much money is needed to help this school. We are estimating 6 Euro per school bag and additional costs for transport to get the bags and books to the ward.

Please help us making an impact for the students of the Bharabishe PraBi School.


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