Evaluation Trip to two more Villages in the East

Blood pressure checks in Falaicha
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Our first evaluation trip brought us from Mai Majhuwa to Prangbung and then to Memeng. This initial trip created the base for this upcoming visit in February. After evaluating the needs for each village we were able to come up with some general but also specific projects for each village.

We were able to extend our timeline for this trip, so we decided to go a little bit further to visit 2 more remote villages in the East: Chyangthapu and Falaicha.

The goals we achieved were:

  • Providing free health screenings for diabetes and hypertension for everyone over 40, pregnant women, or people at high risk,
  • Creating awareness regarding diabetes and hypertension,
  • Leaving one glucose meter and supplies for follow up checks at each health post.

Our list was a little bit longer, but sometimes you don’t really know what will happen during your first visit. We were not aware that transportation is quite good in this area. Yes, it does take longer, but the roads were in pretty good shape. The medical supplies were well stocked. And unfortunately we were not really able to establish good connections. But this is what you learn: There need to be a two-way communication and this time we didn’t feel there was. One highlight was the visit to the school in Falaicha where we donated the white boards and at least some people showed up for the screening and we were able to create some awareness.

Where we see more potential in the future is a new District called Taplejung – wide spread, long distances, less transportation… Let’s see what we can set up there during one of our upcoming projects.