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During our last visits to Prangbung we realized that Chief of the Healthpost of Prangbung is responsible for other villages like Memeng and many people come to him for health issues. As they were expanding their healthpost, they were planning to run their own laboratory, but unfortunately the District Health could not give enough support for medical equipment. Until now any patient that requires a blood test needs to go to Phiddim – what is backandforth a 3 day and expensive journey. As we discussed this issue with the Chief, we realized that it is too complicated to arrange anything through the District Health with our mobile laboratory and external staff without us being there. Therfore we decided to donate any necessary equipment to run an independent laboratory for any blood work at any time of the year. In order to offer this new service to the villagers, the healthpost will be in charge of the staff salary.


Blood test with our mobile lab

Blood test with our mobile lab

Our GOAL is to:

  • provide any necessary equipment for a laboratory in order to run any blood work
  • make blood tests affordable and accessible for over 8000 people
  • ensure better follow up for diseases like diabetes or hypertension.

We are currently estimating the costs for all equipment at around 800€ including testing supplies and transportation.

Please help us making an impact for the health of over 8000 villagers.


He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything. (Arabian proverb)