Our Mission is helping that the kids have a better outlook in their future

Ensuring that kids have a good opportunity to learn

Education is the key to unlocking a country’s potential for economic growth, improved health, gender equality, peace and good governance.

or as Nelson Mandela said:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

What have we seen so far? On our initial evaluation trip in February 2016 we saw fairly good school buildings according to Nepali standards. The basics like school benches and tables and a board for the teacher to write on were there, but we haven’t seen computers although the kids get theoretical lessons on how to use it. There are no libraries in the schools, so no kids can exercise reading and enjoying books. It shocked us seeing some kids not attending school because they are needed at the farm and that it seemed so normal to them. We also realized that the ability to speak English (even in higher classes) is very limited. The kids are not thinking about their impact on the environment, because every school ground was the same: wrappers and papers everywhere. One positive aspect was the existence of an education center for adults in Memeng to teach adults how to read and write.

How does the schooling system work in the villages?

1. Primary Education

The current program begins with 5 years of primary school (age 6-11), with no pre-primary preparation available. At the end of this period, a standard school leaving certificate examination is prescribed.

2. Middle Education

Three years of lower secondary grade education follow (age 12-14). Students don’t have the option of moving on to a technical school instead, and obtaining a training level certificate, because of the remoteness of the village. Only if the kids would be going to bigger cities this would be a possibility.

3. Secondary Education

Secondary education takes place in 2 stages. Grades 9 to 10 (age 15-16) follow a common academic curriculum leading to a school leaving certificate. Usually this is where education ends in the villages. Grades 11 to 12  would give opportunities to follow separate streams in commerce, education, humanities or science, and to receive a higher education certificate, but these are not offered in the villages.


What are our goals?

  • Supporting local schools by providing them with needed supplies (they are not able to get from the government).
  • Establishing libraries to encourage reading and to improve their reading and English skills.
  • Helping to improve the numbers of kids graduating.
  • Ensuring that every child has the opportunity to go to school on a regular basis.
  • Improving English communication skills with the help of volunteers.
  • Providing further education on the importance of environmental protection, health related topics. 

How can you help now?

  • Make a donation to enable us to buy any needed supplies for the schools or to start learning centers.
  • We are collecting English and Nepali books mainly for kids, but if it is a Nepali book it could be about everything to stock the libraries
  • Become a partner school and support a local school.
  • If you like to teach English to kids and perhaps to adults, join our team as a volunteer.

Please have a look at our current education projects

  • Class 1 in a school
    The furthest ward in Memeng – Ward 1 – is about 3 hours walking distance from the main village. During our...
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  • Donating whiteboards to the school in Falaicha
    During our meeting with the Department Education Office in Phidim (which is responsible for all schools in the Panchtar District...
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  • New school library in Mai Majhuwa
    As we visited the different villages and the schools during our initial evaluation trip we couldn’t remember if we have...
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  • First time using a computer in Memeng
    On our first evaluation trip to Memeng we have heard that the school doesn’t have any functioning computers at the...
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  • Blood pressure checks in Falaicha
    Our first evaluation trip brought us from Mai Majhuwa to Prangbung and then to Memeng. This initial trip created the...
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  • Second day yoga class in Mai Majhuwa
    On our first evaluation trip Katja, a certified yoga teacher and type 1 diabetic, started teaching yoga classes to relieve...
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Visiting Schools on our first Visit

  • School supplies given to the headmaster in Memeng
  • Kids at the school in Memeng
  • Kids listening to Anil and Mohan
  • Cleaning the school ground in Maimajhuwa
  • Anil teaching about the impact of waste