FAQ Page

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How can I donate supplies?

If you want to donate supplies, like medical items, books, clothes, school stationary, or other items, please contact us directly via email. You will find throughout the different project listings what we supplies we are looking for.

Which people are you supporting?

We are supporting remote villages – mainly in the East. But as we are growing and gaining more experience we are planning to reach out to isolated villages in the West of Nepal as well. We are helping kids, mainly people with diabetes and hypertension, but basically anyone who is attending the health camps, the local health post workers, farmers and basically anyone who needs support.

Where can I see proof that my donations are used for the right reason?

After each trip to the villages, we are posting pictures and reports. We are also obligated to send progress reports to the Social Welfare Council on a regular basis.

How can I contact you?

There are different ways you could contact us. Either you connect to us through Facebook, you can email us, or you can call us. We are looking to hear from you.

Can anyone volunteer?

For any open volunteer positions, please check the volunteer section on this website.

We are especially looking for people with special knowledge in medicine, yoga, farming and environmental protection.

Additionally anyone who would be willing to help us collecting donations in their town could help us anytime.

How can I help?

There are different options to help..
1. You could donate money for the different projects we are working on.
2. You could send us supplies like books or kids clothing. Or check with us for any other items we might need.
3. You could volunteer and help us directly in the villages.
4. You could help us collecting donations and supplies in your home town/ country.
5. You canspread the word about GaauGhar Nepal anywhere you can.

Are you a registered NGO?

GaauGhar Nepal is an officially registered NGO with all the necessary licenses. The non profit organization was founded at the beginning of 2016 and has registration number, a tax number and especially a association number with the Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu.

What areas are you covering in Nepal?

We started in the East of Nepal in the districts of Ilam and Panchthar.

Currently we are supporting the villages of Mai Majhuwa, Prangbung, and Memeng.

On our upcoming visit to these villages we want to evaluate the villages of Chyanthapu and Falaicha.