Health & Yoga

Our Mission is to prevent Diabetes & Hypertension and improve the Life of People affected by these Diseases

Fighting against Diabetes and Hypertension & Bringing Yoga to the Villages

Diabetes and Hypertension are on the rise – even in Nepal and especially in remote villages. And in Nepal these two diseases are within the top 5 diseases that Nepali die from. Carbohydrate loaded meals, processed foods, unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks, too much salt in the diet, less exercise, too much drinking and smoking just to name some of the causes for these diseases.

On our initial evaluation trip to the remote villages in Maimajhuwa, Prangbung and Memeng in February/ March 2016 we offered free screening for diabetes for the age group of 40+, pregnant women and people at high risk and blood pressure checks for everyone. Some villagers were already diagnosed with diabetes and/ or hypertension; some are taking their medicine – some don’t; some know a little bit about managing their disease – some don’t. Unfortunately we also found additionally an average of 10 people per village with higher blood glucose reading and about 25 people with high blood pressure readings. But the issue is not mainly obesity as it is in many Western countries. On our follow up visit in February 2017 we brought a doctor and a mobile laboratory for proper diagnosis. We had a good follow up and some villagers got medicine to treat high blood pressure in addition to education. The number of real diabetic patients was very small, however the ones already diagnosed with this disease are mostly not really controlling their disease. So far we provided almost 1000 free checks and we were able to visit very remote wards within the villages. 

Many times these diseases will not be discovered. Even until now the villagers have never been tested before, because there is no possibility to take a quick blood glucose reading at the local health post. In order to go to a proper doctor (not even a real diabetes specialist) or to get blood work done, the villagers need to spent a lot of money (jeep ride, doctor fees, blood screening, accommodation and food) and time to get to the next bigger city. They might be not able to afford this trip or the necessary medicine. Money is just something they don’t really have much. So people decide not to go and the disease might never be treated. They might be in pain, they might have complications and they might die early as a result of no proper treatment or even diagnosis.

There are a lot of things to do, and with each visit we will be hopefully able to make a difference.

Our GOALS are:

  • Helping to prevent Diabetes and Hypertension in the villages by proper education.
  • Giving support for a proper management of these diseases
  • by increasing awareness and educating the villagers on nutrition, healthy lifestyle, Ayurvedic remedies.
  • Bringing Yoga to the villages as a tool for exercise and an additional help to manage their disease.
  • Simplifying the process for the villagers for diagnosis, follow up blood work, medicine and other supplies by establishing a medical support system.
  • Making the treatment more affordable.
  • Reaching out to the furthest wards of the villages.

As Yoga goes hand in hand with health, bringing Yoga to the villages is a goal on its own. Yoga has so many health benefits that people just don’t know. Initially benefits like improving their flexibility, getting stronger, loosing weight, quieting the mind come to everyone’s mind. But asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing) techniques and meditation can do so much more. It helps with the management and improvement of so many common diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, depression and so on. (Check out this great article for more information on the benefits of yoga:

By bringing Yoga to the villages we want to reach the following GOALS:

  • Informing about health benefits of Yoga.
  • Giving multiple Yoga classes during each visit to attract more people.
  • Introducing special asanas (Yoga Poses) and pranayama (breathing) techniques to patients with diabetes, hypertension and other diseases.
  • Installing regular group practices.
  • Providing yoga mats and helping props.
  • Connecting with the schools’ head masters to bring yoga to the kids.
  • Setting up a volunteer position for yoga teachers to stay for a minimum of 4 weeks for regular classes and kids yoga.
  • Sponsoring a talented local person to become a yoga teacher for their village.

How can you help?

  • Make a donation for any health or yoga related project that enables us for example to buy testing supplies, to pay a specialist,…
  • If you are yoga teacher, doctor, nurse become a volunteer to help us with some of the ground work.
  • Collect diabetes testing supplies (Meter including lots of test strips, lancets) that we could give to villagers or health posts.

Please have a look at our completed health and yoga related projects

  • Making things work with our mobile lab
    During our last visits to Prangbung we realized that Chief of the Healthpost of Prangbung is responsible for other villages like Memeng and many people...
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  • Donating whiteboards to the school in Falaicha
    During our meeting with the Department Education Office in Phidim (which is responsible for all schools in the Panchtar District in the East of Nepal) ...
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  • New school library in Mai Majhuwa
    As we visited the different villages and the schools during our initial evaluation trip we couldn’t remember if we have ever seen kids with books...
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Impressions from our Health Camps and Yoga Classes

  • Banner for the health camp in Maimajhuwa in Maimajhuwa
  • Health Screening in Maimajhuwa
  • Late health screening at the place we were staying
  • Local women waiting for their screening in Maimajhuwa
  • Yoga class in Maimajhuwa
  • Locals waiting in Prangbung
  • Blood pressure check for a local woman
  • Group picture with the Health Post Staff
  • One glucose meter for the health post in Memeng
  • First attempts in cobra pose
  • Shavasana at the end of a class in Memeng
  • Group picture after health checks in Memeng
  • Packing diabetes supplies and mobile lab equipment
  • Donating diabetes supplies to the Healthpost in Chyangthapu
  • Yoga therapy class for diabetes in Mai Majhuwa
  • Second day yoga class in Mai Majhuwa
  • Free health checks in Falaicha Ward 9
  • Trikonasana Pose during yoga class in Memeng
  • Tree pose during yoga class
  • Some meditation during yoga therapy class
  • Bow pose during yoga class in Mai Majhuwa
  • Checking blood glucose in Ward 1 - Memeng
  • Early morning checks in our guesthouse in Ward 7 - Memeng