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Who We Are.

The remote Village Bhainse

Bhainse, East Nepal

This is where everything started!

Bhainse was one of the remote villages in the East that Anil and Katja visited on their camping trip in November 2015. Katja was the first foreigner in this village, so obviously everyone was very anxious to stop by and say “Namaste” (English translation “Hello”). The hospitality but also the simple life the villagers had, was on the one side a quite humbling but eye opening experience on the other side. That was the time when the idea was born to start a NGO to make Anil’s dream come true giving support to remote villages and to make Katja’s wish to give something back to the villagers a reality. After returning from their camping trip, they started brainstorming, calculating costs, gathering information, getting more members on board, and they wanted to file all the necessary paperwork – but what about the name??? Everyone was trying their best, including Anil’s family, to settle for a good name. At the end we decided to choose GaauGhar Nepal as it stands for “Villages in Nepal”. Now filing the paperwork was next.  In the meantime Katja had to go to India for an Ayurvedic course, but started from there the first fundraising campaign and was able to receive enough funds from her family and friends from all over the world including some of Anil’s former clients to make the first evaluation visit to 3 remote villages in the East possible. During the same time Anil worked anxiously on all the forms to file to get the first registration certificate. 

You can find the rest of the story on the bottom of this page…

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We are focussing on...

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Blood pressure check for a local woman


We want to help preventing Diabetes and Hypertension and improve the lives of people affected by these diseases. Educating about causes and proper management, establishing a medical support system and bringing YOGA to the villages are just some goals we have.

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Kids at the school in Memeng


Education plays a very important role in remote villages. We want to ensure that all kids can go to school regularly and that they have all the necessary tools and equipment to have a better outlook on their future.

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We want to find new or additional ways of creating extra income for the villagers through farming projects. But we also need to create more awareness about the importance of environmental protection including proper waste management.

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Anil Chapagain
Founding Member

Anil was growing up close to Ilam in the East of Nepal. He lives in Kathmandu now in order to run his trekking agency, but he comes back to Ilam as often as he can to visit his family.
Starting this NGO fulfilled one of Anil’s dreams as he always wanted to give back and help in his own country, especially in small remote villages to secure parts of Nepali culture.

Katja Kuegel
Honorary Member

After a 13 year management career Katja decided to travel the world. After visiting many Asian countries, she came to Nepal and fell in love with the country, culture and especially the people. During her trip she became a Yoga teacher and completed an Ayurveda course in India. Katja was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2007. She hopes to help the villagers with her own experience with diabetes and her passion for yoga.

Kiran Poudel
Project Coordinator for the East

Kiran is living in the East of Nepal, where he also runs his own business. Kiran has been an important part to this NGO since the first hours. It means a lot to him being able to support remote villages in Nepal.

Sunil Chapagain
Admin & Accounting Support

Sunil is Anil’s younger brother and is currently studying Accounting at the University in Kathmandu.

Mohan Adhikari, Sunil Gurung, Tanka Prasad Adhikari,Kishor Khadka
Supporting Members

East Nepal - this is where we operate...


  • GaauGhar Nepal is Nepali and translates as “villages of Nepal”. We have chosen these words as we want to specifically give support to remote villages in Nepal. 


  • Important Dates
    • Visit to Bhainse: 18.11.2015
    • Official registration as a NGO: 7.02.2016
    • Facebook page created: 8.02.2016
    • 1st official visit started for 3 remote villages: 26.02.2016
    • Website launched: 1.07.2016
    • 2nd follow up visit planned for: Mid September 2016


  • About the first Visit

    • 3 Villages visited: Maimajhuwa, Prangbung, Memeng
    • free health checks given to
    • 8 free yoga classes given
    • 3 schools visited (we’ve met the headmaster, spoke in front of classes, left supplies behind, and had a first clean up project at one school)
    • many discussions with locals about current situation and possible projects
Along the way from Maj Majhua to Prangbung

How the Story continued...

Thanks to Skype and Facebook one important step need to be done – the LOGO. Matze, one of Katja’s childhood friends, offered his help and him and Sunil (Anil’s brother) came up with our logo.

After Katja’s return from India the last forms needed to be finalized, so that finally on the 7th of February 2016 GaauGhar Nepal was officially registered as a NGO with the Social Welfare Council.

Name, registration, logo, first approvals and Facebook page were accomplished and nothing could hold us back any longer to make a difference in remote villages in the East.  Anil and Katja went on their 24 hour bus and jeep journey to the East, and Mohan (our medical expert for the first trip) later on joined them, so that they were on their way to the first village – Maimahjuwa.

And from here a wonderful chapter started…

THANK YOU already to everyone who helped us along the way!!! Please continue to join and support us and especially the villagers along the way.


Everyone can make a Difference in this World!

We might not be a big famous NGO, we might not have an endless amount of money, we might not be the experts in everything, we might have to learn our lessons along the way, BUT with as little as we have and with our hearts we’ll try to make a difference for all these people in the remote villages of Nepal. Please help us to continue our efforts.

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