Our Projects

Our GOAL is it to create projects based on the individual needs of each village and its wards. During any visit we are constantly evaluating the current situation, the issues and possible solutions. We are always including the communities, asking many questions, and asking for their opinion on what we could do for them in order to make a difference in the fields of health – education – farming & environmental protection. Then we prioritize and then we start our research on possibilities, costs, and local support needed. We realized that with very little we are able to change something to the better. We are not changing or implementing a whole system, but we are trying to make an improvement. This could be starting a library or leaving a simple glucose meter with test strips at the healthpost.

Please help us making an impact for these remote communities! No matter how big or small your donation is, we will ensure that your contribution will make it to the villages. Every Euro counts and can make a difference.

!!! Please be aware the “DONATE NOW” button is not functioning yet. For any donations you want to make, please contact us directly!!!

Please check out our upcoming projects. If you want to have a look of what we have done so far, please follow the link to our completed projects.